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This website is owned and maintained by Steve Platt, writer, journalist and editor. In time it will include most of my current and recent work and incorporate an archive of my articles, photos, books and other publications. This section contains online versions of various books, pamphlets and other publications. Please note that some of these publications are text-only versions and may not incorporate final editing changes made prior to their original publication.

I am committed to open access to information, so unless otherwise stated all material on this website may be used free of charge for non-commercial or non-profit making purposes. All I ask is that you obtain my permission in advance of any uses, that I am identified as the author and copyright holder, and that no significant changes are made to any material without my written consent. Commercial or other uses are subject to negotiation.

Squatting: the real story (Bay Leaf Books, 1980)
A-Z of sleep and dreams (Channel 4, 1998)
Saddam's secret weapon: Halabja, ten years on (Channel 4, 1998)
The Ten Plagues of Egypt (Channel 4, 1998)
Government by Task Force: A Review of the Reviews (Catalyst pamphlet 2,1998)
Terse Verse: an anthology (1999)
Home Truths: Media representations of homelessness (Routledge 1999)
For the love of a stranger (Channel 4, 2000)
Film censorship in Britain (Channel 4, 2000)

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